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We have seen A LOT of top-notch artwork and furnishings in the online market lately and as creatives, we are all vying for the attention of prospective clients. How do you make your work stand out in a sea of creativity, so you can focus on YOUR PASSION? I have some knowledge I’d love to share with you.

I have loved art from a very young age and it has become my passion to not only create art myself but to promote fellow artists, artisans and creatives. I have a degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Graphic Design. I paint furniture, canvas and create faux finishes as well and have spent the past four years building my creative online business in these areas. With an extensive background in customer service as well, I know how to attract new clients and turn them into lifetime customers.  I can teach you to do the same for your business.


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What my creative friends are saying…

Rhonda is an amazing Artist and a fabulous person to work with.

Calle Ratkovich

Rhonda is such a good, kind person! Although we have never met in person, we have had many a conversation as we share the same passion for furniture artistry. I also had the pleasure of working with her on a giveaway project which was such a rewarding experience. She is not only an incredibly talented artist, but also incredibly encouraging. I highly recommend Rhonda as I know her work is nothing short of excellent!!!!

Laura Kleber

Rhonda is one of the most helpful women I know. She has helped grow my business and offers amazing suggestions that are practical. Her knowledge of business is phenomenal. Thank you Rhonda.

Teanna Dudley Ruppel

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Logo Design

What do you need to consider when designing your logo? Designing your logo is more than just picking graphics, colors and fonts. A logo is an integral part of a business’s branding. It takes a great deal of thought, creativity and planning to create a logo that is a...


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